Lady blueberry

Lady Blueberry

Lady Blueberry


Lady Blueberry






Gnomeo Montague(Son),Gnomeo's father(Husband)


Lord Redbrick, Tybalt, Juliet Capulet and red gnomes.


Neutral, sometimes Good.

Lady Blueberry is the mother of Gnomeo Montague and the leader of the Blue Garden, played by Maggie Smith.

Personality == She is a calm, gentle looking lady but has a dark side brought out by her hatred of Reds. Lady B is very proud of her handsome son and depends on him to keep the Blue pride going. She says Gnomeo reminds her of her late husband.

Background Edit

Lady Blueberry is supportive of Gnomeo's antics against the Reds, which he does appericate. Despite his upbringing to hate Reds, he grows to love Juliet too much to continue hating all Reds.

She is followed by the garden's tiny Stone Bunnies who act as her comrades. Lady Blueberry/Gallery

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