Gnomeo Montague






Blue Garden


Lady Blueberry(Mother) Gnomeo's father(Father)






Featherstone, Benny, Shroom, Juliet Capulet


Nanette, Lord Redbrick, Tybalt

Gnomeo Montague is the main male protagonist of Gnomeo and Juliet.

About Gnomeo

Gnomeo Montague is a member of the Blue Garden, and the lover of a Red gnome, Juliet Capulet. He is the son of Lady Blueberry, as well as the


Gnomeo was born on a Tuesday. Which Tuesday, it does not matter. Only know it was a Tuesday. Although historians sometimes debate on this subject, as it is quite possible Gnomeo was born on a Saturday. Obviously, he couldn’t have been born on a Wednesday. That would be ridiculous. He also couldn’t have been born on Sunday, because gnomes don’t have a formal Sunday. Monday seems possible, until you realize the nature of gnomish Mondays. Thursday is far too Norse for such a birthday, and Friday Lady Blueberry was certainly too busy to give birth. Saturday is possible, but most gnomes like to give birth on a Tuesday. So do be aware it was Tuesday. The day was likely sunny, although it is far harder to determine whether it was entirely sunny or only partly so. Overcast it was not, as at least one of the Gods of Light attended his birth. Every gnome waited anxiously for Lady Blueberry to announce whether her heir would be male or female, and when she announced it would be male there was a great cheer that measured approximately 80 decibels. Most gnome’s voices average at around 50, and decibels are logarithmic so this really was a great cheer. Gnomeo spent most of his first weeks being observed by all of the Montague gnomes. When he was 3 months old, he was sent to the gnomish care facility, where he was raised, as tradition entails, with a caregiver with no name and who was sworn to take their own life as soon as Gnomeo reached full gnomehood. Gnomeo had little contact with his parents and other gnomes, so his childhood has little written about it. However, it is known that gnomeo’s father was deeply abusive and violent, and Lady Blueberry was preoccupied ruling the other blues. Gnomeo was so deeply affected by his abusive father he gained a fierce independence and a distrust in authority figures. Despite this, when Gnomeo’s father was on his deathbed with hat cancer Gnomeo was closest. So only he heard his father’s last words. When he heard them, Gnomeo reportedly threw up on the spot, right on the ground next to his father. He then proceeded to go into cardiac arrest and fell into a coma that lasted 9 days. When the coma was over, Gnomeo had no memory of his father’s last words. The other gnomes realized he blocked them from his memory during the coma. His father has been rumored to be the gnomish Adolf Hitler.

After this, Gnomeo finished his education. Once his caregiver finished raising Gnomeo and committed suicide, Gnomeo set out to prove himself to the other gnomes. Gnomeo had a great talent for lawn mower riding, and by beating the former blue champion established himself as the champion blue. His charisma allowed him to befriend many of the blues, and his natural leadership abilities caused him to be looked at as a community leader.


Gnomeo’s closest friends include Benny, Shroom, and Featherstone. Although Featherstone is vile and despicable, Benny and Shroom are far more benign. However innocent, they aren’t. Benny is likely using Gnomeo for his satanist agenda, exerting his influence of Gnomeo to gather resources and keep attention away from himself. Shroom is likely a manifestation of Gnomeo's crippling psychedelic addiction. Featherstone recognizes Gnomeo’s connection with the gods of Light, and keeps careful watch. If Gnomeo shows sign of possession, Featherstone will likely order Nanette to destroy him. Tybalt, it seems, warmed towards Gnomeo at the end of Gnomeo and Juliet. However, it is possible Tybalt is simply waiting to strike back. The being he calls Juliet he is married to, but “Juliet’s” Motives are unclear.


Gnomeo is the best kind of person. He is clever, kind, an achiever, educated, involved, risk-taker, adventurous, energetic, joyful, seeks improvement, alert, he is enterprising, kind, sees the whole picture, ambitious, enthusiastic, leads others, self-confident, aspiring, entrepreneurial, loyal, self-giving, athletic, has faith in life (and in others), mature, selfless, aware of opportunities, flexible, modest, self-reliant, calm, focused, motivated, has a sense of humor, candid, forgiving, objective, sensitive, caring, friendly, observant, serious, charitable, generous, open-minded, sincere, cheerful, gentle, optimistic, spiritual, completes things, goodness, organized, high stamina, considerate, graceful, patient, has great strength, strong constructive ability, gracious, peaceful, stress-free, relaxed, cooperative, grateful, perseveres, sympathetic, courageous, hard-working, persistent, systematic, courteous, helpful, personable, takes others point of view, creative high goals, polite, mannered, tenacious, decisive, honest, practical, thoughtful, deliberative, hopeful, punctual, tolerant, delightful, humble, realistic, tough, determined, has great humility, regular, trusting, devoted, imaginative, positive, trustworthy, diligent, has initiative, reliable, unpretentious, disciplined, innovative, resourceful, unselfish, does what is necessary, right, insightful, respectful, well-behaved, dynamic, intelligent, responsible, wise, interested, and full of wonderment.

Life Goals

Gnomeo seeks to better gnomekind by devoting his limitless skills to assisting the poor and needy. He wishes to only help others, thinking nothing of himself. At least, until “Juliet” came. Once Juliet arrived, she exerted an almost birdlike influence over Gnomeo.

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