Featherstone is a pink, male plastic yard flamingo, who was trapped in a shed for 30 years. He was trapped in a shed until Gnomeo and Juliet freed him and thanked them.

Background Edit

Featherstone once lived in the garden of a house that belonged to a couple that loved each other very much. Featherstone also loved a female pink flamingo too. But one day the couple were fighting and then they divorced and moved away from each other. Then the lady took the female flamingo with her and the man was playing croquette once and thought of moving out so he packed all his stuff and left Featherstone in the shed for thirty years.

After the 30 years he was found by two gnomes. One was a blue and the other was red. Gnomeo and Juliet :). He became their counselor, peace-maker, and friend. In the resolution of the story the gnomes order Featherstone another girl flamingo to love. Featherstone/Gallery

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